ARTICLES - What is needed for back-up power solutions?

Back-up power solutions are essential in a country where power outages can strike at any time. If you live in an area prone to blizzards and winter power outages, a home generator will be able to get you through those long, cold winter nights. And if you own a business, you know that if you lose power, you can lose money. In order to prevent these situations from affecting your life, you will want to consider buying a genset from GENTEK to protect your business and home from power outages.

There are several options for back-up power solutions. You can choose to get a portable generator or a standby generator. The difference between the two is basically the ability to move the generator or stay stationary, but your needs will be able to determine which choice is right for you. Standby generators tend to give you more power and a better answer as permanent back-up power solutions. In order to determine which back-up power solutions from GENTEK you will need, it is important that you assess the power needs and what the minimum power output requirement will be when a power outage strikes. This can be half or even a fourth of your normal power supply in order to run only the basic functions in your home or business. If you want to power the whole building during a power outage, you will want to find the commercial generator available from us that will give enough power to maintain the building.

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