ARTICLES - Backup generator manufacturer tips for genset selection

Selecting the right size of genset for your home or business is crucial if you want to get the most benefits from using it and want to ensure maximum safety. The first and most important step is to contact a leading backup generator manufacturer in South Africa that understands the power needs and electricity regulations of the local market. As such your first choice when it comes to a backup generator manufacturer is Gentek, known for quality, expertise, and excellent after-sales service.

As an experienced backup generator manufacturer in South Africa we are also committed to the provision of information to help clients make informed choices regarding the size and appropriateness of a genset for their small business or home.

Follow the guidelines below to ensure that you purchase, install, and operate the most suitable genset within safety boundaries:

  • Always make use of a qualified installation team as supplied by Gentek.
  • Let a qualified electrician inspect your home or office wiring to ensure proper grounding as well as polarity before the installation of a genset.
  • The choice between diesel and petrol gensets depend on noise level, operating costs, location, output required, operating hours. and the initial capital lay-out. Be sure to speak to one of our consultants who will be able to help you make the choice based on the above factors.
  • A genset that includes an automatic voltage regulator as well as a self-starting switch is the preferred option.

Browse through our website for more tips and for an overview of available products. Contact us as the preferred backup generator manufacturer in South Africa for an affordable, safe, and appropriate solution.



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