ARTICLES - Safety tips form a recognized standby generators supplier

As a responsible and well-known quality standby generators supplier, Gentek is committed to the safety of our clients. As such we provide information on the safe installation and operations of gensets to prospective buyers. It is just one example of the service excellence you can expect when you purchase from Gentek as a leading standby generators supplier in South Africa.

It is important to note that gensets can emit poisonous gasses and as such should always be installed in well ventilated areas. Other risks such as fires, electrocution, and even explosions can all be prevented when you purchase from a recognized standby generators supplier and adhere to strict safety standards for installation, operation, and maintenance.

Both diesel and petrol gensets generate CO2 which is not visible and is odourless. As such the gensets must never installed in places which offer inadequate ventilation. Portable gensets should be used outside and not placed indoors such as in the garage or house as this will lead to gas build-up which can easily cause death.

We provide gensets that come with weather resistant canopies to ensure that the gensets can be installed outdoors where there is enough ventilation without having to be concerned about rain or weather damage to the equipment. When we install the equipment we make sure that the equipment is not near windows or doors of the premise. A good safety rule with any genset usage is to also install carbon monoxide alarms in the work area or home as well.

Contact us as an experienced standby generators supplier in South Africa to ensure that you not only get the best product suited for your energy needs, but also get the benefit of safe installation.



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