ARTICLES - When to buy a backup generator

When should you consider buying a backup generator and what should it be able to do? If you answer yes to any of the questions below then you should buy a backup generator:

  • Have you experienced more than two power cuts within the past three months?
  • Did the power cuts last longer than an hour at a time?
  • Do you run a business where food and beverages are affected trough power cuts?
  • Have you had to stop operation and thus lose income because of outages?
  • Did you still need to pay the workers during that time even though you received no income for the period?
  • Have you lost clients as the result of outages?
  • Did you miss deadlines at any time because of power outages?
  • As homeowner, have you experienced more than two power outages in a period of three months?
  • Did the outages affect your computers, electronic equipment, and appliances?
  • Did food go bad as the result of power outages?

Even one or two yes answers to the above questions, mean that you can benefit from a backup generator which will help to ensure that the lights stay on, and that computers, equipment, appliances, and tools can still be operated. Prevent work hour losses and make your deadlines at all times.

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