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Eskom has shared its plans for an electricity rate increase of 53%. This means that you can expect a tremendous increase in costs of manufacturing, farming and household expenses. This new announcement comes in the wake of announcements of future electricity outages. As such the future of electricity supply looks bleak. We can continue to criticize and blame authorities or we can become independent and take responsible steps to ensure energy supply when needed. One way of doing so is to purchase quality gensets from a reputable generator manufacturer South Africa.

How to select the generator manufacturer South Africa

Simply buying of the shelf or from a business that provides gensets as a sideline, may be a costly mistake. You need to be assured of quality and longevity. As such it is recommended that you purchase from a generator manufacturer South Africa rather than from a fly by night operator which may not still be in business a few years from now. At Gentek we work with the design and development of equipment suitable for the local market, temperatures, power requirements, and safety standards. As such we are in the position to provide excellent support, maintenance, advice, and definitely gensets which come with warranties.

Select a supplier based on the:

Services offered - History of the company - After-sales service - Maintenance - Back-up support - Warranties - Expertise in manufacturing - Wide range of brand names.

Gentek as generator manufacturer South Africa offers all of the above and more. As such we invite you to contact us for advice and a quote according to your requirements.



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