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What is the outlook for energy usage in South Africa for the coming years? Why should you invest in Gen-Tek generator SA equipment rather than relying on the government supplier for all your power supply needs?

The bad news is that we can expect several power outages over the next few years. The good news is that there is an alternative source of power supply. Gen-Tek provides many state-of-the-art generator SA machines to the public whether in the commercial, industrial, agricultural, or domestic market.

South Africa ’s population grows fast and as economic upliftment takes place, more and more households are able to afford luxury appliances. New roads are built, office parks developed, and industries started. All of the above contributes to an increased demand for power supply. Relying on the government to handle the power pressure and to continue supply through Eskom is a risk not worth taking.

Instead, businesses should act before disaster strikes by investing in powerful, reliable, and cost-effective generator SA equipment as available through Gen-Tek. By doing this the effects of power outages will be minimal on business operation. Even if businesses only rely on backup gensets for power outages and not convert to diesel gensets all together they will benefit in terms of production hours and cost savings.

Electricity tariffs are said to become higher in the coming years. Businesses can either cut back on production and service supply or they can adapt to the changing energy environment by investing in generator SA equipment. The latter is the best option. The initial investment can easily be recouped. Contact us for more information on how you can overcome the obstacles of energy shortages by purchasing gensets.



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