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More and more enterprises in the commercial, agricultural, and industrial sectors invest in alternative generator solutions as the losses in production and income because of power outages become too much to carry. Gen-Tek is one of the main suppliers of innovative generator solutions to meet the growing demand for alternative power supply sources.

It is not only because of power outages that companies invest in gensets, but also because of rising electricity tariffs which leave them no other choice. Yet, another reason for the move towards generator solutions is that of mobility and scalability offered.

Many farmers for instance, already benefit through the use of mounted gensets whilst enterprises in remote locations have no other choice than to make use of gensets to ensure ongoing power supply. Large retail stores have also invested in backup gensets to ensure that they can operate at all times. The final reason for selecting gensets as power supply units is that the growth of businesses around the world far outstrips the capacity of electricity distributors to meet the demand.

Gen-Tek provides a wide range of gensets suitable for:

Emergency back-up operations. Camping and remote locations. General home use. Farm usage. Office building power supply. Main source of power supply for small to medium size manufacturers. Building contractors on site where there is no electrical provision.

View our innovative generator solutions at the products page. Our products come with a 2000 hour guarantee and range in size, functionality, and pricing to suit every power supply need.


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