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Selecting the genset based on fuel usage is not always that easy. As a leading generator supplier South Africa, Gentek provides only diesel driven gensets as long term these are incredibly fuel efficient and have better performance. The following information is supplied by Gentek as a reputable generator supplier South Africa to help you make an informed choice based on your circumstances, budget, and requirements.

The main concern of clients is the initial capital lay-out versus the operation expenses. We have found as a generator supplier South Africa that the purpose, location, operating hours, output requirement, and the monthly expenses play the deciding role in the selection of the appropriate genset.

Operating costs

If operating expenses are your main concern then the cheapest option is the diesel driven genset.

If you are looking at a maximum output then the diesel genset is more suitable especially on farms and with larger industries. Petrol gensets normally have a maximum speed of 3000 RPM. The output is limited when compared to that of the diesel gensets. Although more expensive, diesel gensets are cheaper to operate if you require operation of more than three hours daily from the equipment.

Many factors influence the choice. As diesel and petrol generator supplier South Africa, Gentek is committed to helping clients make the best choices according to their budget, expense concerns, purpose, and location. Browse through our product list and contact us for a quote and assistance.

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