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When you purchase a genset you will want to know that generator support is provided. This is why so many people prefer to buy from Gen-Tek as one of the leading suppliers of gensets and the preferred provider of generator support.

The last thing you want when relying on genset power is to have a non-working machine. We provide 24 hour back-up generator support and also provide maintenance contracts where applicable.

What is the maintenance contract?

It is an agreement whereby Gen-Tek undertakes to provide certain check-ups and services to ensure the smooth operation of gensets. The maintenance services can be adjusted according to client needs. In general a maintenance agreement will for instance, include:

  • Correct fluid establishment through set tests at specific intervals.
  • Testing of load capacity.
  • Annual full maintenance service to identify potential repair requirements.
  • General repairs and maintenance at set intervals.

By making use of a maintenance contract, the client ensures full operation of the genset at all times without the need for a full time technician.

Who should get a maintenance contract?

  • Manufacturers.
  • Farmers.
  • Office blocks.
  • Small and medium size businesses.
  • Home owners.

The equipment will only operate smoothly and be safe if regular maintenance checks are done. In addition to the maintenance contract, clients automatically qualify for 24 hour back-up generator support when they purchase Gen-Tek equipment. The equipment comes standard with a 2000 hour guarantee. This is the type of after sales you require. Contact us for more information on the maintenance services.



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