ARTICLES - How to save through the use of home generators

There is no doubt that we can expect the occasional power outages for the next seven years. The question is not so much whether the problem will be solved within the next ten years, but rather how we will handle it. One of the best ways to counter the energy crisis is through the usage of home generators.

Whether home generators are only used as backups should power outages occur or as means to provide most of the residential power needs, it is only a matter of time until you will need to convert to diesel power.

By investing in home generators people already help to ease the power burden and thus address the energy crisis. When making use of diesel gensets you will still want to save energy to ensure cost effectiveness of the solution.

The following tips show how you can minimize the power load on the home generators:

  • Reset the pool pump control to ensure fewer hours of operation. Also make sure that the time is set for an off-peak period to ensure that you can run several appliances from 5-8 in the evening.
  • Consider switching off heating or air ventilation systems which function in unused areas of the house.
  • Avoid using the tumble drier on sunny days rather make use of natural drying.
  • Save on power by setting time and specific days for ironing and avoid continues power loads.
  • Don’t wash small batches of clothes, rather ensure full loads.
  • Set the days for washing and thus plan power usage.
  • Make use of energy saving light bulbs and dimmer switches.
  • Don’t keep lights on in unused areas.
  • Whenever possible, make use of a microwave, electric frying pans, toasters and other smaller appliances to prepare food instead of using the oven and stove which place a tremendous load on the power supply.

If you are willing to follow the above guidelines to save energy, you will benefit from the cost effectiveness of home generators. The most important tip is to select the appropriate equipment that comes with a minimum of 12 months guarantee. Gen-Tek has a wide range of applicable gensets which are able to handle the power loads with ease and are known for their durability, safety, and cost effectiveness.



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