ARTICLES - Introduction to the mounted generator for farm use

Farms are nowadays managed as businesses and as such are just as affected by energy shortages as any other business. The mounted generator is an essential piece of equipment on any farm to ensure ongoing electricity provision. It can be used to provide electricity for dairy, stock, and crop farming activities. Storage facilities, ventilation, and computers on farms all require electricity and through the use of a mounted generator, cheaper and reliable electricity supply can be obtained. Production losses as the result of power outages can thus be curbed through emergency gensets whilst many farmers have already converted to genset power altogether.

The gensets are rated according to electrical supply output in kilowatts. The normal rate is displayed on the genset while the maximum output is also provided on the genset. Make sure you understand the difference between normal output and maximum output when selecting a genset. Our consultants will be able to provide you with the much needed guidance to calculate your load requirements for normal and peak times. Starting the genset for instance, also entails maximum output. The gensets cannot operate at maximum output for prolonged periods.

The genset must be able to provide the same voltage as supplied through power lines. Farms require three phase gensets if more than the home will be provided with power. You will be delighted to know that you can buy a mounted generator suitable for the farming environment from Gen-Tek. The mounted generator operates on diesel and is thus ideal for farm use. Our all weather canopies ensure low noise emission and our installation team will ensure correct mounting to ensure maximum safety.



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