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Power generators are excellent alternative solutions for energy, but the safe usage thereof is important to prevent injuries and death. The main concerns are that of carbon monoxide poisoning when the unit is not in a ventilated area and electrocution because of the improper installation and usage of power generators.

At Gen-Tek safety takes priority and we thus ensure that the equipment is installed according to safety standards and that there is adequate ventilation. We also endeavour to inform clients about terminology used when discussing power generators. Some of the terms frequently used regarding gensets are as such explained below.

Certificate of compliance - It refers to the document that must be issued by the qualified installer to declare that the installation has been done in accordance with SANS 10142.

Current - It refers to the electrical stream that moves trough a conductor. A faulty current will occur if the insulation is broken or compromised.

Circuit breaker - It is the device used to disable a current. An automatic breakage of current must take place if there is an overcharge. An earth conductor is required for safety purposes to provide the required protection against accidental electrocution. It is used for the connection between the supply and protection earth.

The above are just a few of terms you will come across when dealing with gensets. We strongly recommend that you ask our consultants to explain any terms which they use when recommending power generators. If you are not sure about a term, ask rather than risking your safety. Contact us for a quote on gensets suitable for your specific requirements. We have a team of technicians to handle installation and 24 hour backup support.



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