ARTICLES - How to handle security when a poweroutage occurs

A poweroutage can strike at any time. Are you prepared? Do you know how to ensure full security and ensure the safety of your belongings and loved ones?

The first step in the prevention of security risks associated with an unforeseen poweroutage is to pro-actively invest in a backup generator that switches on when the poweroutage occurs. In this way you prevent gates from staying open, alarm systems from being disabled, gate batteries from running low, and the possible intrusion to your property. Gen-Tek provides a wide range of generators to help homeowners, small, medium, and large businesses deal effectively with power cuts and to thus uphold parameter security.

Our equipment comes with a 2000 hour or twelve month guarantee and includes brand names such as Deutz and Cummins. We provide 24 hour backup support and professional installation services. If you have not yet invested in a backup generator you can follow the tips below to minimize injury risk should a power cut occur:

  • Obtain additional batteries for the security system and place flashlights at strategic points.
  • Keep the keys to the padlock of your electric sliding gate on you at all times to ensure that you can open the gate if the power is down.
  • Keep a flashlight in your vehicle for in case you arrive at a dark home.
  • Keep candles and matches in a kitchen drawer.
  • Where possible fit outdoor lights that can run on battery power to ensure adequate light even with a power cut.

Make sure that you don’t sit in the dark when a poweroutage strikes by purchasing a Gen-Tek diesel generator.



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