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As standby generators manufacturer in South Africa, Gentek endeavours to provide high quality, purpose specific gensets which are safe and durable. As a standby generators manufacturer we are well aware of the insurance issues surrounding gensets and as such make sure that our gensets comply with safety and authority standards. This means that your insurer will happy.

Any genset that you want insured must be purchased from a reputable and approved standby generators manufacturer or supplier if you want to obtain insurance on the equipment. This also applies for installation. If the installation is not done by an authorized and reputable dealer your insurance claims will not be paid out.

Even if the engine comes from a reputable provider, there are several components that must also be from a recognized supplier. This means that the voltage controller, the time switch and for instance, the fan must also comply with quality standards. In addition the equipment must be installed in the correct and safe position by qualified technicians. The insurance company may also require a certificate for the installation.

In the light of all the requirements as set out by insurance companies it is best to purchase from a recognized standby generators manufacturer that can provide the maintenance, support, quality products, and the installation required according to the standards of insurers. Gentek is thus your first and best choice as we not only manufacture quality gensets, but also provide a wide range of brand name choices such as Perkins and Cummins which are internationally known for quality. Our products come standard with warranties as well as back-up support and our installation partners have the qualifications and experience required in electrical engineering to ensure safe installation.



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