ARTICLES - Safety regulations for standby generators

Gen-Tek provides a wide range of standby generators to help homeowners and companies deal with power outages effectively. It is however, important to adhere to safety regulations when installing and maintaining standby generators. As we are committed to a high standard of safety and want to ensure the safe usage of standby generators by our clients, we have provided guidelines for installation and usage below.

Before you purchase a genset make sure that you:

Know what the electrical load requirements will be to ensure correct voltage selection and genset size. Have obtained the required genset accessories, which include a transfer device and the appropriate cords. When you purchase from Gen-Tek you can be assured that we will supply you with the correct size and accessories including a weather proof canopy to reduce noise and ensure safety. If you are unsure of the electrical requirements get the advice of one of our experienced consultants who will be able to assist in the load assessment. We only provide products that are approved by the authorities. If you purchase cords from another supplier, please ensure that the items are properly labelled for your safety. Our equipment comes with state-of-the-art transfer switches and automatic voltage regulators.

Do not attempt to install the genset by yourself. Make use of a qualified electrician or our installation team. You will require a certificate for installation. It is important to take proper measurements to ensure the safe grounding of the equipment. Our team of experts will do that on your behalf or will guide you if so required. Never operate a genset without reading the instruction manual first. It is not something you can learn by following a trial and error method. Browse through our site to get an overview of standby generators available from us and contact us to help you make the correct choice.



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